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Shiro no Koukoku Monogatari Chapter 1 (Part 2)

Let me say that THESE translations are only rough translations without edit and proofread. Read at your own risks :P

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When he woke up from the deep slumber he had, his eyes could not see anything.

No, it should be that his eyes, for several minutes, were in the state that could not perceive any object.

However, he thought nothing of the blurred vision he had, he was just in a daze, incapable of even a normal thinking process. During that time, he could not even tell if he has a consciousness until his field of vision started to restore.

Perhaps it was because of the increasing intensity in the vision his eyes could perceive, the hitherto thinking process that came to a standstill started, but it matters not to him.

He got up; the cracking sounds in his body brought a frown onto his face and made him grunted.

“Have I . . . wake up?”

Although asking this question to himself seemed inappropriate, but the first thing that he blurted out was this sentence. Have I wake up? Or have I not wake up? What am I doing?

He let out a sound, after clearing his mind a little more, he started to grasp the circumstances he was in.

Testing the feelings in his hands and feet – no numbness, breathing the air through his nose – a sweet fragrance can be smelled, then licking his dry lips – pain spreads out. His face twisted at an unbearable pain that no words could describe, that moment he realized the bed he was lying on was quite extravagant.

Knowing nothing about furniture, he only knew that the bed sheet was a high-quality good due to the comfortable feel. He looked around gingerly, the interior were full of high-quality furniture that did not come cheap.


How frightening.

He did not know what was frightening, but he certainly felt so.

Perhaps when the feeling of uneasiness crossed a certain line, people would felt fear.

“Where is this place?”

And, who is the person alone in this place?

Despite having consciousness of himself, the memories were vague, leaving him feeling disgusted.

Unable to understand, even though he tried to comprehend, his ‘self-awareness’ was too little for him to do so.

This feeling was just this weird.

When he began to concentrate on clarifying the mixed up memories jumbled in his mind, a sound that was faint yet could not be neglected came from the door located at the corner of his vision.


A knocking sound came twice. His shoulders twitched at the same time.

When he was pondering a few seconds on whether to reply, the door opened by itself.

Correction, the door was opened by a fair-skinned yet slender hand.

“Excuse me.”

“ . . . ”

The one opening the door was a maid, her pale light blue color hair in a ponytail. He felt that this maid did not exceed 20 years of age.

To the extent of his knowledge – from his memories – the woman in a maid outfit with a mesmerizing face, had only greeted him for a moment but had headed straight to the washroom, obviously did not expect any response from the him that stayed in the room.

At that moment, he felt as if he was one of the furniture placed in the room that no one particularly cared. Not once had the maid looked his way. Her line of sight was placed on the window on the wall opposite the door.

Even while removing the carpet that could absorb sound, the maid’s footsteps only produced faint sound.

She walked to the window, opened the thin curtains, and coincidentally looked his way.

“ . . . ”

“ . . . ”

As a result, her line of sight met his.

In that instance, the atmosphere in the room turned silent. When he realized the pupils on the wide-opened eyes of her was brown –

“ . . . P-PRINCESS!”


With the lovely look she displayed just now completely disappeared without a trace, she ran out shouting in her high-pitched voice.

The pitter patter sound of footsteps and the voice shouting “PRINCESS!” gradually died away.


The only one left in the room is a youth whose thoughts got more confused.


On the other side of the door, loud footsteps rang out in contrast with the quiet castle. Although the carpet along the hallway absorbed some of the noise, the sound of heavy footsteps could be heard clearly, causing her and the peoples in charge of administrative gathering in her office to frown. Based on previous experiences, when such footsteps appeared, most probably bad things awaited them. These peoples, in these few months, had continually been tormented by these ominous signs, giving rise to their displeasure when hearing hurried footsteps.

The displeasure was even more evident on the owner of this room; the fold that appeared when she furrowed her brows was the deepest among all the occupants of this room.
The peoples in charge of administrative were gathering and exchanging their opinions. She was in charge of substituting for her father, who had gone out of the city, and taking minutes of these meetings.

When the maid opened the door with a sound loud enough to cause the daily necessities to shake, she severely reprimanded:

“We’re having a meeting right now, please be quiet – “

“Princess Meriela!”

However, the maid ignored her, Meriela’s reprimand, called out her name and said something shocking. The next instance, Meriela’s calm demeanour totally collapsed.

“He woke up!”


Meriela was stunned. She took in the maid’s words, understood her meaning, proceeds to raise the hem of her dress and flew out of the room.

The peoples in charge of the administrative were left behind. Every single one of them was unable to conceal their surprised expression at the abnormal behaviour of the princess.


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