Thursday, 11 December 2014

Shiro No Koukoku Monogatari Preface

From the collaboration of my crappy Chinese and crappy English, I bring you the crappy translation of the light novel SHIRO NO KOUKOKU MONOGATARI. Please enjoy! Btw, this is my first time ever doing a novel translation and a blog. I will appreciate it if any of you point out any mistakes I made


“My comrades, the warriors of our Kingdom!”

On a desolate plain where the cold winds blows, a smooth ringing voice resounded.

Using amplification magic, the voice penetrated matters and projected itself into the mind, through the vast plains and beyond, until it arrived at the army gathering in the distant sea.

“The time to decide the rise or fall of our Kingdom has come.”

The smooth roar surrounded the military, as though it could shout directly to the depth of their hearts.
The roar filled the hearts of the people.

Interwoven with the souls, a scream that shocks their senses.

“More than 2000 years ago, upon this very land, our ancestors have suffered under tyranny, and so they rise up in arms.”

Deep within their hearts, the voice had stirred the slumbering, long-cherished dream of their ancestors.

A world without cruelty.

A life without violation.

A reality without being tortured.

“They fight, emerge victorious, and created the country you all live in, thus you were born into this world.”

Only desired a future where life is free from fear.

Only desired a place where there is no cruelty, no violation and no torture.

“However – no, “That is why” you have to keep on fighting.”

To protect the things that you obtained.

To protect the things that you do not want to lose.

To protect the things that you are unwilling to be taken away by others.

“You have to battle. This is not for the country, but for your descendants. No, that’s wrong.”

It is in order to protect, the things you want to protect –

“I will also fight, together with all of you….”

He raised his sword.

A sword that is slender yet elegant.

This weapon is his symbol, a symbol that instilled fear upon his enemies – “The King’s Sword”

“I will not ask you to sacrifice for your country, to sacrifice for justice. I only want you to sacrifice for the very land you step on, for the comrades by your side, and for protecting the people behind them.” He turn over his blade, the light reflected his own army.

“And if you were killed in battle, do not die in any place except in front of me. I will forever etched your face in my memory and ensure your heroic tales last forever.”

This is something that he can do, because it is him, it can be done.

The price to obtain power is oblivion, to abandon salvation and become a sinner. As the current leader for these sinners, he has the obligation to do so.

“That’s why, let us depart. For the souls we have lost thus far, for the things these souls have once protected “   

The light reflected off the army, surely his “enemies” has also seen it.

“That’s why, let us forward. For the future we are about to create.” The light aim at the millions of soldiers line up neatly in front of them.

“All units – ATTACK!”

-          “This is a history from a distant past that has been handed down for generations. Among the symphony of roars and the tremors, a young man’s battles are about to end. Even if he continues to survive, even if he continues losing, he will always hold on to that sword. That is why I look up to him and wanted to keep on watching over his back.”

-          Excerpt from the notes in the possession of the Kingdom’s Military Museum;
Author: Unknown
Date    : Unknown


  1. Some low self asteen you got there mate.

  2. 「セル……・ファス・ティン」?これは何ですか?食べる事が出来ますか?

  3. DUDE! I have waiting for this novel to be translated FOR AGES, personally I don't care if your translations suck at the moment because eventually they will improve and after reading this it's not too bad...

  4. your English is good, better than those so called translator nowadays, keep fighting man, this is a good read to all of us, thank you for picking this up, I'll look forward to your work, don't drop it ok? LOL

  5. Te lo suplico traduce los capítulos de esta novela que realmente llevo un buen tiempo queriendo leerla